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Surrogacy Application

The WFI Surrogacy application is easy and straight-forward. Watch the video below to find out more about the process:

Surrogacy Application

The application process to become a surrogate consists of an initial questionnaire to make sure you meet all the gestational carrier qualifications. Once you have passed the qualification questions, you will complete an online surrogate profile.

The profile includes questions about your personal life, interests, medical history, and intended parent preferences. You will also be required to add photos of you and your family, write a brief open letter to prospective intended parents and fill out the required documents. The documents include a form for a background check and a medical release to request your previous delivery records. Once you have finished the profile and your background and medical records are cleared, we can have you come in for your surrogate consultation.

The profile answers will help us find you a suitable match with an intended parent with similar views and/or interests as yourself. This profile is shared with the intended parents before meeting you.

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Become a Surrogate

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