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Match Call

The Match Call is an important part of the surrogacy matching process. Watch the video below to find out what to expect:

Match Call

When matched, you will meet the intended parents interested in your surrogate profile. This is often done over a Zoom call but can also be done in person. The matching call is an opportunity for both sides to get to know each other and determine if they are a good match to start a journey together.

The call is always hosted by a coordinator. The coordinator will let each side introduce themselves and ask the most common questions. Both sides can also ask any other questions they may have. After the meeting, each party will have a few days to decide whether to move forward. Both sides will need to agree on moving forward with each other. A mutual agreement is considered a match.

The following questions may be asked of both parties:

  • What type of communication do you prefer? Texts, calls, Zoom, emails?
  • What kind of relationship do you want during the journey? What about after delivery?
  • If the embryo splits and there are identical twins, are you okay to continue with a twin pregnancy?
  • If we should find out the baby has a genetic defect that would impact its quality of life, or it would not survive after birth, or if the gestational carrier’s health was at risk, how do you feel about termination?
  • Are you ready to move forward with your journey now?
  • If the embryo splits and there are identical twins, are you okay to continue with a twin pregnancy?

The questions asked of the gestational carrier can include the following:

  • How did you become interested in surrogacy?
  • What does your support system look like for the journey? Who will help you emotionally and physically?
  • Would it be okay if the intended parents want to be present during doctor’s visits?
  • How do you feel about the intended parents being in the delivery room if allowed by the hospital?
  • Do you have any upcoming plans or vacations that might put the process on hold?
  • What are your thoughts on pumping if the intended parents wanted breast milk?

The questions asked to the intended parents can include the following:

  • Do you want to attend doctor’s visits if you are able?
  • Did you want to be in the delivery room if allowed?
  • Is there anything other than the standard pregnancy practices you wish your gestational carrier to do or not do?
  • Were you hoping to get breast milk after delivery?

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