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Psych & Legal

The Psych & Legal process is important for surrogates and intended parents.. Watch the video below to find out why it is important:

Psych & Legal

The psychological evaluation is done via video call and will take about an hour. You will be asked questions about your personal life history and the surrogate journey. There is also a multiple-choice test you will need to take during the call. Based on this information, we will determine if you are a suitable candidate for surrogacy. After your evaluation, we will get a report that outlines the various information and whether you have passed. This is needed to have full clearance and start the legal process. This evaluation is good for one year.

For the legal process, the intended parents and the gestational carrier will each have their own lawyer. The intended parents cover the fee for the lawyers. The legal process can take anywhere from two weeks to two months, depending on how fast each side moves.

The lawyer for the intended parents will draft the surrogacy contract. The intended parents will then review the contract with their lawyer and either agree to the terms or make changes. Once the intended parents have agreed on the contract, it will be sent to the lawyer for the surrogate. The surrogate’s lawyer will then send the draft to the surrogate for review. Once it has been reviewed and agreed upon, the surrogate’s lawyer will let the intended parents’ lawyer know. The intended parents’ lawyer will then issue a final draft.

The final draft is sent to both parties and needs to be initialed and signed before a notary. The notarized contract is then sent via mail to each party’s lawyer. Once the lawyers have both notarized copies, they will issue the clinic Legal Clearance. Without legal clearance, we cannot start the IVF process.

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