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Embryo Transfer Calendar

The embryo transfer process occurs in several steps. Watch the video below to find out what to expect before and after the transfer:

Embryo Transfer Caldendar

After the psychological evaluation and legal process, surrogates can prepare for embryo transfer. The surrogate will be monitored before and after their transfer until they are ten weeks pregnant when they graduate from WFI Surrogacy and go to their local OBGYN for the remainder of their pregnancy.

What happens before transfer:

  • The surrogate starts taking prenatal vitamins and baby aspirin.
  • The surrogate calls WFI Surrogacy when they start their next period.
  • We will put the surrogate on birth control pills on either day two or three of their period. Depending on their calendar, they will take birth control pills for approximately ten days.
  • About five days after stopping birth control pills, the surrogate will start estradiol valerate, or delestrogen, injections. These will be administered twice weekly on a predetermined schedule.
  • About one week after starting the estradiol valerate injections, the surrogate will come into WFI Surrogacy for an ultrasound and get blood work done to check their uterine lining and hormone levels.
  • One week later (two weeks after starting injections), the surrogate will come in for another ultrasound and bloodwork. This is where we will set up an appointment for the frozen embryo transfer (FET) and will go over instructions for taking doxycycline (a capsule taken orally) and progesterone (an injection done into the buttocks).
  • About one to two days before the transfer, the surrogate comes in for bloodwork to check their hormone levels.
  • About six days after starting doxycycline and five days after starting progesterone, the surrogate comes into our office with a comfortably full bladder for transfer.

What happens after the transfer:

  • About ten days after the embryo transfer, the surrogate comes in for a pregnancy test. If the pregnancy test is positive, the surrogate returns two days later for a second test. If that comes back positive, the surrogate returns to WFI Surrogacy about two to two and a half weeks later for their first pregnancy ultrasound.
  • Two weeks after the first pregnancy ultrasound, the surrogate comes in for a second pregnancy ultrasound and bloodwork to ensure their hormone levels are within range.
  • Two weeks after the second pregnancy ultrasound, the surrogate comes in for a third ultrasound, also known as their graduation ultrasound.
  • After this appointment, the surrogate goes to their local OBGYN for the remainder of the pregnancy.

Please keep in mind that each calendar differs depending on the surrogate’s case. Our team at WFI Surrogacy will set a customized plan and calendar for you.

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