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At this point we will refer you to your OBGYN. Watch the video below to find out what to expect and how you will graduate from the surrogacy program:


When we refer to the term “Graduation,” we refer to the transition from WFI Surrogacy to your OBGYN.

At around ten weeks of pregnancy, the gestational carrier will be able to graduate from WFI Surrogacy and start to see her preferred OBGYN. She will also be able to stop injections at this time. She will have the Maternity 21 blood test during her last visit to check for any abnormalities. Any medical records, including the Maternity 21 test results, will be sent to her OBGYN office.

The gestational carrier should see her OBGYN within two weeks after graduation and continue until she delivers. Her OBGYN will take over her medical care. The surrogate and intended parents should refer to the OBGYN with any concerns or questions regarding the pregnancy.

A coordinator from WFI Surrogacy will meet the surrogate and the intended parents where they are when it is time for delivery.

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